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Old 11-10-2012, 05:04 AM   #1
DC Crew
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RE: Legalization of Marijuana in CO and WA

This is to follow-up to Patrick's thread with regard to the legalization of Marijuana in CO and WA. Some here seems to think that it's a bad thing (certainly your right), but the facts and number's say something very different.

As you can plainly see, there is NOT 1 death attributed to Marijuana use. Alcohol - almost 25k! That's just from direct usage. I've researched numerous sources that put total alcohol related deaths around 110k a year. They don't even have cigarettes listed, but common sense will tell you that a good majority of those deaths from Heart disease and respriatory disease can be linked directly to cigarettes. Read the rest of the page as well and note the mortality rates connected to alcohol. With regards to prescription drugs, note that at least 1 prescription drug was involved in 70% of the over 34k OD cases.

Question is, why do so many folks get their panties twisted up in a bunch when you mention legalization of Marijuana?? Ironically, most have used the drug in their past, and most have remained productive citizens. Imho it comes down to "taste", hypocrisy, a "group - think" mentality, fear and lack of "guts". It’s ok to get “high” on alcohol, but not marijuana?

Now we all know that the U.S. drug policy has, and still is largely rooted in racism, prejudice and big business. If you don't believe me, look up some of the old Congressional hearings and read the transcripts...better yet, just go to Youtube and you can see for yourself. It was said of Cocaine that it would drive black males crazy and they'd go around “raping all of the white woman. Well, the same was said of Marijuana. The Fear-barons were on the war path against drugs and who better to use as kindling on a fire than the black male. Amazing that such stupidity was taken as gospel and accepted by the public at large.

On the business front, the private prison system is making a fortune as their lobbyist "pay off" Congress to not only keep drugs like marijuana illegal, but to stiffen the penalties. This in itself is the ugly side of selling off democracy and freedom. With harder drugs like cocaine, they've instituted mandatory minimums which have taken justice and decision-making out of the hands of the judge and jury, and put it in the hands of your Congressman. How about we just let Congress determine the penalties of all crimes and get rid of criminal judges all together... just do a trial by jury, and if found convicted, you serve the sentence spelled out by Congress.

For the many prisons that are over-crowded, it always seems to be the violent criminals and child rapists who are parolled, so that we can make room for another "weed smoker" or petty drug dealer. In the end, money rules the day and the people will have to determine which types of people they'd rather have in prison. Just last year, a young Hispanic girl around the age of 8 was brutally beaten, raped, stabbed to death and her body disposed of in the trash bin outside of the apartment building where the crime occured. The guy who did it was of course a repeat offender who was let out early. I wrote a long letter to dozens of TV and print media, along with dozens of local and federal state Representatives regarding our Nation’s drug policies and violent offenders. I received one auto-response back from an office in Maryland, and that response only mentioned something about donating money to his campaign.

It's very sad that we continue to let fear, ignorance, hatred and the need to control everyone's personal behaviors, keep our communities and loved ones in danger.
Today, people are still using same old tired slogan as they did during the 1920's - 1930's. Some here who've admitted using marijuana love to use the excuse that it's a "gateway" drug,...yet they never moved on to cocaine or heroin. Millions of baby boomers and those who grew up during the 60's and 70's and beyond went on living their lives.
By contrast, Alcohol is by far a more dangerous drug! There isn't one comparison that you can make.

During prohibition, the citizenry were literally held hostage in their own cities, towns and homes as the Mafia’s and street gangs fought for territory. Apart from the violence that prohibition generated, many folks fell ill, became blind or even died from acute organ failure from drinking liquor that was laden with heavy metals due to poor and improper distilling techniques. Corruption from the local police all the way up to government officials was obvious and rampant. Subsequently, this wasn’t the countries first go-around with prohibition. From the 1830’s on, you can find instances where prohibition type laws were enacted throughout the country.

But alas, we American’s always have to take the hard road over and over again. We read the same headlines today as citizens did back in the 40’s, except the names have changed. It’s not Capone and his rival gangs, but it’s the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels. They kill with greater impunity and efficiency as weapons technology has increased. As back then, don’t expect the U.S. Government and its slew of “Alphabet crooks” (FBI, CIA, DEA, BATF etc.) to turn down this opportunity of cashing in on a multi-billion dollar a year tax free business. Along with using drugs to entrap, subjugate, marginalize and imprison the poor and “unwanted”, it’s a great way to raise money for those projects that are “birthed” in the under-belly of Federal bureaucracy. It used to deemed a “conspiracy theory” when word got out to the press that the government had conspired to “traffic” cocaine into inner-cities throughout the country, that is until the actual “tapes” were made available for all to hear. People who lived in those areas knew long before the press got hold of the evidence, but unfortunately, many
So-called privileged people equate poor with being stupid or ignorant. This is just one instance out of many that has proven how the government has used the drug war to subvert poor and minority communities.
At the end of the day, America can’t afford to imprison everyone, though we certainly lead the industrialized world with over 2 million people in prison and almost another 5 million on probation or parole. Nearly three-quarters were non-violent offenders, and since the “Drug war” began, the prison population has increased twelve – fold. With the Federal government being broke, about a dozen states currently insolvent and hundreds of municipalities broke and in dire straits, we have to ask ourselves how we want to spend the money that we have available. In 2007, we spent 74 billion on corrections. As you might’ve guessed, that number is significantly higher now.

So now what? Do we continue on down the same path, or do we try something different? We all know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results. Next question, if someone is insane, Do they know it?

One final point, since the start of the "Drug War", illegal drug use is up by Two-Thirds.

As Winston Churchill was quoted as saying, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”

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Old 11-10-2012, 08:38 AM   #2
DC Crew
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I don't see a bad side...there will still be OUI laws, and a user will only vegetating in front of a computer or TV and munching the night away instead of committing mayhem ....

What's the harm?
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Old 11-10-2012, 12:42 PM   #3
DC Crew
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My opinion is that alcohol and/or cigarettes should be outlawed and pot legalized and taxed heavily (at least enough to match the revenue from the alcohol and ciggs combined). Pot is safer then both in all ways. Pot does not cause the problems alcohol does; someone high on pot does not have the invincible, "I'm fine, nothing's gonna happen" attitude that alcohol brings, nor does it cause the aggressiveness. Pot heads don't want to fight or drive fast, they just want to chill out. Even if someone high does get behind the wheel for some reason, they do not have the same attitude as someone who has been drinking. How often do you hear of a pothead wiping out a family at a red light? You don't, at least I never have, and I have a background in law enforcement. I'm not saying it has never happened, but it is much rarer, even when the disparity in the frequency of usage is taken into account. Sure, pot heads do occasionally have car accidents, but they are almost always less serious, "whoa, I banged into that pole, dude" accidents. And when was the last time you heard of some guy coming home high and beating his wife/girlfriend after a "hard day?" Replace the word "high" in that sentence with "drunk" and the answer becomes, "too often." It is also impossible to o.d. with pot, which the same can't be said for alcohol. The only negative that comes to mind is the instances of date rape or similar that can occur to a girl when high, but that happens with alcohol as well, so, as disgusting and horrible as that is, it won't be a new problem; in fact it may lesson, since a guy is less likely to do that when high compared to when drunk.

As for the health issues, marijuana is by far the healthiest of the three. It actually helps break up the deposits that cigarettes leave, helping to reduce the chances of lung cancer for cigarette smokers, nor does it have the many other issues that cigarettes have. And it doesn't cause liver damage like alcohol, not to mention the health issues of people being run over with a car. Also, contrary to what many believe, it is non-addictive. Unlike the other two, it has no chemically addictive properties. The only people that become "addicted" to it are those with highly addictive personalities, i.e., they can get addicted to anything. The average person (by far most) will not, and can not, get addicted to it. So if they don't have the spare cash to buy any, they aren't going to skip a bill payment, and certainly aren't going to rob, cheat, or steal to get some. When it comes to the other two, I've seen plenty of people do some stupid crap just to get a pack of cigarettes or a six pack, even if they weren't breaking any laws (it usually takes a different kind of person to commit crime for them, fortunately).

As for my "full disclosure," I am not a pot head; I have tried it, but didn't see what the big fuss was, either way; wasn't that great, but also don't see anything bad about it. I also do not smoke cigarettes and only occasionally drink, very rarely enough to even approach being drunk (don't see the point, you don't remember the "fun" part, and then you feel like crap for the next day or two). If pot were legal, I would probably treat it like alcohol, having a little occasionally in a social atmosphere, but to a lesser extent, since I am a cyclist and don't like to screw with my lungs.
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Old 11-10-2012, 07:10 PM   #4
DC crew
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I have the hottest strain out right now. The Girl Scout Cookies!!!

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Old 11-10-2012, 07:12 PM   #5
Web Head
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Look at the trichromes on that bud

What's it tase like and what seed bank sells them?
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My Black Widow

Most of my patients survive no matter what I do to them
Old 11-10-2012, 07:17 PM   #6
DC crew
C5-R JR's Avatar
Posts: 4,102
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Member since: Nov 2006
Location: At HQ, plotting over a detailed MAP on how I can be on the racetrack as much as possible.

My Corvette(s)
2011 CTS-V Coupe, 2000 gutted out, caged up race car and a skateboard.

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Originally Posted by Spiderpat View Post
Look at the trichromes on that bud

What's it tase like and what seed bank sells them?
It taste minty. Like Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

Clone only. I paid 3500 for these genetics.

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You want to put yourself on an emotional rollercoaster? Build a race car!
Old 11-10-2012, 07:36 PM   #7
DC crew
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Posts: 4,102
Member #52866
Member since: Nov 2006
Location: At HQ, plotting over a detailed MAP on how I can be on the racetrack as much as possible.

My Corvette(s)
2011 CTS-V Coupe, 2000 gutted out, caged up race car and a skateboard.

Thanks: 15
Thanked 29 Times in 25 Posts

Here's a shot of me at my shop.

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You want to put yourself on an emotional rollercoaster? Build a race car!
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