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Corvette History Share interesting info on the history of the Corvette, educate us!

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Know Your C3 Corvettes by Years

Identification of C3 Corvettes by Years

These ID'ing features are unique to the year specified. Not easily visible or not "across the board" changes are specifically omitted:

The C3 "Sharks":

New body given CokeĀ®-bottle shape.
The coupe features a scooped out roof line.
No Stingray logo above the 4 side louvers (gills).
Backup lights are under the bumper.
Four all red taillights.
Silver front grills with round corner parking lights.
Push button door lock that opens the door.
No metal tips on the removable hardtop.
Black rocker panels.
DOT mandated side markers (small square lights on the fenders).
Removable roof panels (coupe, first year).
Removeable rear window (coupe, first year), stores in a tray under the rear deck.
Flat, straight dash that arches down and away from the driver and passenger.
Door panels with a sculpted look of fat armrests and shoulder supports and scooped out area to place the arm.
The ignition switch is in the dash (last Corvette to have this until C5)
Engine gauges now in center dash.
The center console has the fiber optic monitors and a set of cross flags only.
Transmission tunnel enlarged (to accept the TH400).

The Stingray name returns to the front fenders above the 4 gills.
Door push button replaced by a handle flap & key lock.
The back up lights integrated with inner two taillights.
Front grill is now black.
The four side gills have an optional chrome insert (each appear as a chrome louver).
Factory sidepipes ('69 only on C3's)
Hardtops gain small stainless steel tips (protect the pointed tips with top off).
Center console gains a plate with the engine size and horsepower rating.
Anti-theft steering column ignition lock (key moves off the dash).
Flexible map pocket on P/S dash.
Rubberized control knobs.

Plastic horizontal grills are replaced with egg-crate, pot metal grill.
Side gills are changed to "ice tray", metal design.
Front parking lights become large and square with a clear lens (amber bulbs).
Tinted glass standard (first time).
Lower fender flares are added (to cover the 8" wheels & prevent rock chips).
Headrests are now incorporated into the seats.
Round exhaust tips are replaced by rectangular tips.
Safety belt retractor containers added.
Chrome letters label the A/T shift quadrant.

Console engine size and horsepower plate relects reduced engine output.
6th. digit on VIN is a "1" (1971).
Green letters label the A/T shift quadrant.

'71 LT1

Fiber optic system is removed.
Horsepower dropped from engine ID plate.
Only year for LT-1 A/C
Front parking lights lens changed to amber.
Chromed egg crate front grill.
Lap seat belt retractor has alarm buzzer.
Console fan control and trim plate show "OFF" (left side) instead of "FAN".
White letters label the A/T shift quadrant & fan switch/rotary dial.
Review mirrors are black grained vinyl backed (not S/S).

Body colored urethane front bumper replaces chrome.
Side louvers are replaced with a single slot, indented opening.
Rear window no longer removable (coupe) & storage tray is deleted.
New domed hood with rear cold air induction eliminates the wiper door.
Undercoating sprayed on inner panels.
Radial tires (first year)

Body colored urethane rear split (2 piece) bumper replaces chrome.
Shoulder belts integrated with lap belts.
Alarm system relocated from rear to D/S fender.

The rear rubber bumper is now one piece.
The front bumper no longer has a straight line on each side of the V.
Fake rubber pads appear on both bumpers as bumper guards (first year).
Catalytic converters, and unleaded fuel only (first year).
Lights ON warning buzzer (first year).
Bladder type fuel tank (first year).

First year in Corvette history that only coupe is offered.
A new one-piece Corvette emblem is on the rear bumper instead of Corvette letters.
The rear deck vents are gone.
"Vega" padded steering wheel added.
The cowl induction hood is replaced with a standard hood.
In-glass rear window defogger (first year).
New four spoke steering wheel.
Astroventillation eliminated.

Stingray script on the fenders deleted.
Crossflags are added during production.
The new crossed flags emblem is used on the fenders, front-end and fuel filler door.
Exterior luggage rack optional (first year).
Leather seats standard (first year).
Engine color changes from orange to blue.
Thinner, blacked out windshield pilars.
Voltmeter replaes ampmeter.
Smart switch headlight dimmer and W/W controls.
A/T levers add pointer and black leather boot.
Leather wrapped steering wheel.
Black satin replaces wood trim door panel inserts.
Embossed stitch pattern on I/P and door trim eliminated.
New swivel padded sunvisors.
New vinyl coat hook on P/S roof pillar.
AM/FM with 8 track available.
Cruise control option (A/T).
Door Ajar and Headlights Up, eliminated.
The center dash and console changed, accepting a standard Delco radio & heater-A/C controls (first time).

Body change to new fastback style.
25th Anniversary emblems on the gas tank lid and the side fenders.
Silver Anniversasry two-tone paint scheme (Silver over Gray).
Indy 500 Pace Car special two-tone paint (Black over Gray) with special VIN.
Locking glove box added (first since '67).
24 gallon fuel cell replaces 17 gal. tank.
Tinted glass roof panel with integrated alarm system, option.
Speedo/tach redesigned into a square design.
Rear hatch roll shade added.
W/W controls moved back to I/P.
AM/FM with Cb optional.
New cut and sew door trim.

Silver Anniversary Emblem:

Silver Anniversary:

Pace Car:

A new elongated Cross Flag emblem is used.
Seat hinge higher on the back, and provide a lumbar support (like Pace Car).
Front and rear spoiler options available on the 1979 Corvette.
Tungsten-halogen high beam headlights standard.
AM/PM cassette available (first time).
P/S illuminated visor mirror optional (first time).

New front and rear bumpers incorporate spoilers into their design.
New lower profile hood.
Aluminum differential housing replaced steel.
A/C standard (first year).
New Cross Flag emblems.
Side grills filled the old side vents in the front fenders.
Speedometers read to a maximum of 85 mph.
Two storage areas behind seats (vs. three).

Two tone paint scheme is available for the first time since 1961 (Bowling Green cars).
Fiberglass-reinforced composite monoleaf rear springs is introduced (A/T).
Power drivers seat (6-way) available.
IGN interrupt added to anti-theft system.
New enamel base with clear topcoats.
Color keyed H/L and W/W switch bezels match interior.
Delco Electronically Controlled Radio (ETR).
Quartz clock standard.

Collector's Edition rear window becomes an opening hatch.
CE distinctive two tone matching paint/interior scheme (silver-beige metallic).
Cross Fire Injection emblem on the fenders.
All are automatics.
Electric fuel pump in gas tank (first year).
Hood includes solenoid operated doors.
Charcoal filter element replaces paper.
Cloisonne' emblems on hood, rear deck, and steering wheel.
Bronze tint solar screened glass T-tops.

Collector Edition:

Last edited by OldVetteFan; 11-02-2007 at 09:37 PM. Reason: Started adding pictures
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92 roadster

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Engine Info for C3:

1968 Engines:

327 V8 300 HP

327 L79 V8 350 HP

427 L36 V8 390 HP

427 L68 V8 400 HP

427 L71 V8 435 HP

427 L88 V8 430 HP


427/430 L88 ¼ mile in 13.56 seconds

1969 Engines:

327 V8 300 HP

350 L46 V8 350 HP

427 L36 V8 390 HP

427 L68 V8 400 HP

427 L71 V8 435 HP

427 L88 V8 430 HP


427/430 ZL1 ¼ mile in 12.1 seconds, 116 mph

1970 Engines:

350 V8 300 HP

350 LT1 V8 370 HP

454 LS5 V8 390 HP


350/370 LT1: 0-60 in 5.7 seconds, ¼ mile in 14.2 seconds

1971 Engines:

350 V8 300 HP

350 LT1 V8 330 HP

454 LS5 V8 365 HP

454 LS6 V8 425 HP

1972 Engines:

350 V8 200 HP

350 V8 210 HP

350 LT1 V8 255 HP

454 LS5 V8 270 HP


350/255: 0-60 in 6.9 seconds, ¼ mile in 14.3 seconds

1973 Engines:

350 V8 190 HP

350 V8 200 HP

350 LT1 V8 250 HP

454 LS5 V8 270 HP

1974 Engines:

350 V8 190 HP

350 V8 200 HP

350 LT1 V8 250 HP

454 LS5 V8 270 HP

1975 Engines:

350 V8 165 HP

350 L82 V8 205 HP

1976 Engines:

350 V8 180 HP

350 L82 V8 210 HP

1977 Engines:

350 V8 180 HP

350 L82 V8 210 HP

1978 Engines:

350 V8 175 HP

350 V8 185 HP

350 L82 V8 220 HP

1979 Engines:

350 V8 175 HP

350 V8 185 HP

350 L82 V8 225 HP

1980 Engines:

305 LG4 V8 180 HP (California)

350 V8 175 HP

350 V8 185 HP

350 L82 V8 230 HP

1981 Engine:

350 V8 190 HP

1982 Engine:

350 V8 200 HP cross fire injection
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Old 10-26-2009, 03:30 PM   #3
DC Crew
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My Corvette(s)

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VIN Number

My Vin # is 194370S404668
Of a production 10,668 in coupe, my car is a middle production one, why if is a 1970, has all of a “69?
Perhaps an accident? and was rebuilt with parts from others cars?
My car only have the tinted glass, and safety belts retractor container. but all the other caracteristics are from a “69 even the independent headrest. rond tail pipes
What do you thinK? am I ?

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Old 04-18-2010, 12:03 AM   #4
DC Crew
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My Corvette(s)
1990 Lingenfelter C4 Coupe/ 2000 Z51 C5 Lt. Pewter Met.

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My First Vette was a C3 .... Gotta Luv 'em !!!!!
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Old 09-09-2010, 04:42 PM   #5
DC Crew
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My Corvette(s)
1970 convertible LS5

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Nice write up...Thanks
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Many have given some, some have given all. To all who have given , Thank you
Old 09-09-2010, 05:16 PM   #6
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Very cool! Wheres the '83 info?
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Old 10-01-2010, 10:10 PM   #7
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Hi CorvetteInfo. Nice C3 Corvettes! While years were passing your car looking good and nice. Keep it up.
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