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Yet another 'make your own lifting pucks' thread~

After recently trying to change the oil on my '01 by jacking up the rear end, I vowed to make myself a set of lifting pucks. As it turns out, one of my coworkers plays ice hockey and was stopping by the shop near the San Jose Sharks arena. He offered to pick me up a set and hooked me up with them today.

After taking some careful measurements ("how big's the slot compared to my pointer finger?"), I stopped by OSH and picked up a set of 2 5/8" large eye screws.

As you can see, the screw thread is longer than the puck is deep, that'll be dealt with soon enough though.

The first one I eyeballed dead center, and push-twisted in the thread to get it started.

As I mentioned, there ended up being a bit poking through.

Running it against the grinding wheel cleared up that problem. Word of advice.. don't do this with clean clothes on... the puck particulate gets all over the place and is extremely small, not to mention the smell.

Finished making the set. I found the quickest way to get it done was to make a guide hold with a drill, get the screw started, then clamp the eye in a bench-top vise and twist the puck.

Tested it on the '01, fit nice and snug.

Also gave one a quick test on my father's XLR, since that's based on the C6 chassis. It worked perfectly on that as well.

Now we just need to get the two-post lift we've been eyeing. My coworker refused to take any cash for the pucks, so I told him he's got free use of the lift when we get it.

Hope this comes in handy!
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