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Same A/C problem

Junkman, first, thanks for your help to me and everyone in the past. I've been having the same a/c problems as others, (hot drivers side/cold passenger) for a couple of years. My car is a 2003 C5. I've lived with it by resetting the actuator by removing the fuse, and recently, just clearing the codes manually on the DIC. Have you ever heard of this?.... when the a/c in on, motor running, and the air is hot on the driver's side, I bring up the codes. As I scroll down through them to HVAC, and hit reset, I can actually hear the door opening in the dash and cold air will come out. I'll usually have to do this several times before it "sets" and cold air continues to come out without resetting the codes. Then it will be good for a long time, or until me or someone else turns the temp control knob on the driver's side to warmer. That causes the problem to start again.

OK, now for the fix part. I'm taking my dash apart anyway to upgrade my stereo system, so if you agree that it is the acutator that is bad, I will replace it while I'm in there. Unfortunately, back when I first started having the problem, I bought a replacement actuator for the day that I would do this job. I've put it off until now. Problem is, it's the old style actuator, without the stops, so I'm wondering if it's worth putting in. I was looking at it, and wondered if I could make a couple of stops on it to simulate the newer parts. If I have a 2003, wouldn't the original part have the stops? I bought the part from Gene Culley, and he has always been good when it comes to the right part.

sorry for the long post, any help would be appreciated. By the way, the codes have always been B0331 and B0441.

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