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Originally Posted by brent319 View Post
Wow, thanks! I also like the choice of wheels. They look similar to super James wheels, and his car looks damn fine.
I work for sherwin Williams and there is a product called ac10 made by hi lite solutions. It's a rust remover and will leave a phosphate residue that can be coated over. Works great.I will look into those seats when I find the money laying around with nothing to do. I have some c4 seats but I would really like to have the recovered. That price for the seats is probably less than I would spend recovering mine.
Now... Tell us about the door panels?
Hey, this is all wrong. You are the new guy doing a swap and here we are all asking YOU all the questions!
Looks like you have things under control and the build looks like it is coming along well.
Btw, cyber gray was one of my final choices when I was picking out colors.

SuperJames uses the same brand wheels, different style. His car is top notch!!!
Sounds like your product ac10 is similar to POR 15.
Degreaser (I've gone through a gallon of the stuff, Prep(etcher) and paint.

My door panels were from the 79' doors that came with the car. They were pretty ragged & had been died previously (originally they were oyster color dyed black) The die on the carpet was more grey than anything... I stripped the skin off the substrate bought the new door covers from a guy on fleabay. Good quality. Just took time and patience gluing the panels & stapling them back together. The most difficult part was riveting the felt seals back on. I had to carefully align, drill the holes and rivet them into place. I still have to drop in the pull handles and the interior release handle. Should be the easy part.
All-in-all, it was $300 cheaper than replacing the entire pad. Just takes time and patience. But I don't have to tell you about that!

FYI, Inferno Orange was in my top 3 colors... I love the color.
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