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Originally Posted by XQIZT View Post
Nice. But how the heck do you in there to service the top of that motor?
99.9% of Boxster owners have never seen the top of their engine. Access requires the following:
1. Disconnect anchoring cables from the bottom edge of the top during mid rasing of the top.
2. Remove two separate carpeted hard panels (~6 fastners)
3. Remove a "serious" looking hard panel that would frighten Porsche owners I've known.
Not brain surgery by any means. Most of us here would have no problem. However, the end result is more let down than reward.


By comparison, which is likely moot because we know the Porsche is Unibody and Vettes have been designed around Hydro formed rail frames, that XP-882 has a LOT of room around it. Make the rear window easily removable and you could change your plugs.

However, your point is made. Vette lovers want to SEE their engine. They want to touch it. They want to fondle the throttle body .... ok, I went too far. Anyway, we will see if GM keeps in mind that Vetters like to tinker with their engines and we are VERY different from most Porsche owners, so how much of the engine bay can be efficiently and practically made available for our eyes and hearts to feast upon?

Ferrari is notorious for making engine service horribly awkward, yet here is a 360 engine compartment.
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