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Originally Posted by Maniacmechanic1 View Post
If your unhappy with that Q-jet then get rid of it.

If your lucky enough to find install a 1970 LT-1 Q-jet.
1970 LS5 454 Q-jet.
No Emission crap.
Tuned for Raw HP.

Pontiac, Olds , And Buick made similar.
1970 for all except for Pontiac.
Good till 1974.
Later Smog Disco era 1975-79 can be made to work.
Cadillac 500 1970 Q-jet excellent too.

I like Holley 4150 these days.
Cut up that air cleaner.
Or install a Dtop base air cleaner like Moroso Racing.

Holley Terminator EFI is nice.
Thanks for the feedback
Many years ago I did buy a very used non computer Q-Jet, it's been bouncing around under my workbench for over ten years. The thing looks rough but may be usable.
But then I would need a regular HEI distributor and what about the 'Check Engine' light the Computer will be throwing-up because it's not getting any feedback?
As for the "Holley Terminator EFI" ... how do I get around the Trans Kickdown linkage found on the OE Carbs passenger side, and I'm guessing the FI wants an electric Fuel Pump?
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