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Many threads here in C3 interest me. The 76project/Brent319 is an excellent thread. My '75 resto mod/gabbett1 is just way, way cool, and Nikki's begins/69MyWay and My 1968 LSx Restomod Conversion are awesome threads. More threads still left to read.

Autowiz is correct. Much thanks go out to Marks76ray for the time and the effort he spent to document his build here in DC. Marks thread provides valuable insight as I move forward with mine. Thank You Mark!!

But the 496 does not make the car. It is the entire package we all seek.

Thanks to the other builders that contribute with their hours of labor, resourcefulness, talent, and willingness to share with others their successes and sometime their failures. 69MyWay, gabbett1, Brent319; great contributors, thanks go to them as well.

Finally, I must say, Thank You to those here that leave their egos' checked at the front door when they enter. The positive comments and attitudes of those here really make a good forum, a good place to be.

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