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Originally Posted by Maniacmechanic1 View Post
Naaaa....Hero Action to me.
No, No. Let's call this spade a spade. OLD SCHOOL action for you. There was a Nissan GTR there with a full interior and A/C that was doing 8's. And a McLaren that was doing mid 9's. Again full interior carpet a/c nothing stripped from the performance exotic car. Today if you have the money to spend to go real fast you can very much do it in the lap of luxury.

You seem to be so lost in a time where we had to shock the hell out our drivelines to get a good launch. And you don't see that it is because you had so few gears to play with before electronic control. Did you know there really are no transbrake kits available for the 6l80E? For the simple fact that first gear is already 4.02:1. You cant play like that with your th400, dude. And that is just the 6 speed. Today we have 8, 9 and even 10 speed transmissions. You don't have to be uncomfortable to go fast. You want to be uncomfortable and enjoy putting yourself in that position. You masochistic freak.
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