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Originally Posted by Maniacmechanic1 View Post
There is a Poor Mans Transbrake done by LS Turbo guys 5.3 V8 with a 4L80E.
It could also be tried with 6L80e.
It's on the Turbo Forum archives how to.
1st and reverse gears are engaged at the same time via the shift solenoids.
Pretty sure Dodge Did the same with the Demon.

A Pro Tree Transbrake is actually a very sophisticated layout.
Allows .001 second - 1 microsecond launches full power stored instant released.
The driveline is not shocked so hard.
Driveline in preload setting when the button released.
So I hear the ideal way to launch with a 6l80e is with a converter and launching at a mere 1900rpm. I mean you can do your own research on the subject and come back here and tell me how right I am. It is 2 extra gears and starting off with 4.02:1. And that means we can do things a little differently.
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