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Originally Posted by autowiz View Post
So we have had the pleasure of restoring a callaway twin turbo C4. 1987 and in triple black. It was years ago and I posted pictures of it here before. This car..

This car had twin turbos. They were small turbos that were water cooled and mounted down low on either side of the oil pan right at the rear of the engine. It also has the 4+3 shifter. The Callaway TT c4 was good for 500hp. Or it was supposed to be.We didn't have a dyno back in the days we restored this car. However this was 1987. And 500hp was absolutely incredible in a car back then. But a year later in 1988 there was a Callaway Sledgehammer made. In 1988. That did 254mph and was packing 898hp. Body was ugly as sin but there was a Corvette made with higher numbers than the demon and 30 years earlier.
You have to look back on CFC4 Archives 20 years now.
1988 -1990 TT Callaway.
Stock Turbos boost cranked....guys in Texas Ran 9.30's 1/4 mile. Retune. Was a Piggyback EFI 2 injectors added to Intake cast Boost section to throttle body.
Later versions had over 650 ft/lbs torque from 350 ci !
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