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Originally Posted by autowiz View Post
September 2010 buddy. That is when I started chasing performance and rebuilding Corvettes everyday. 6 years ago when all that shit went down with hardcore I was already pretty set in my ways to the tune of 4 years. But then, isn't that how all the shit went down in the first place? Was specifically my apprehension to 10 sets of spark plugs to tune?! Why yes that's exactly it. 6 years ago I had already done a shit ton of cam swaps on LS you dumb son of a bitch. We don't all live in a fantasy land like you. Some of us are actually out in the world living it and doing it. So sorry none here seem to be able to motivate past their keyboard.

But you know, it is absolutely flattering how you seem to want to keep claiming bits of my knowledge as your own. You are the CNN of DC, brian.
I don't know what your so mad about.
Hardcore went 10.50 Et in his C5 ZO6 Coupe a Long Time ago now.
He did it not after Junk Banned him and me.
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