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Originally Posted by autowiz View Post
I really thought we were gonna be drag racing buddies. Compare times n stuff. Ya know? You always were the one who was drag race drag race drag race. And here I am the only one going to the track. I thought I was catching up but really I am utterly alone. Damn. Well the red button installed on the dash of the C6 works well. not that it was needed with 610/573 at the wheels.

My car looked real good staged up. I love my C5..

And this is what ended the evening. It was more than a u-joint that let go as it made a huge mess of the track and pretty much shut it down for the evening as they tried to clean it..

I just can't stop thinking if only he had a vetteXperts sticker in his back windshield he might have actually made it down the track.
It's all No Prep Racing in 2019 with time clocks off.
Talk on Facebook today of $20,000 cash payout races.

No one better than Big Chief.
Able to put down 4780 Horsepower clean .
All others, wrecking totaling thier race cars lately.
Monza in the hospital.
Said Hi and get well to him.

Donkmaster, your biggest problems in Florida.
His Z06 Does not break down.
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