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Originally Posted by Longtimer View Post
There is a lot of speculation about the choice of debuting the C8 on 7-18-19. WHY that day? Most speculation about why in Orange County is centered on the unproven highest number of mid-engine cars per square mile than anywhere else in the USA. I live here and would not say that is a lie, but why isn't it Beverly Hills or some swank place in Florida?

Regardless, why 7-18-19. I've only seen one explanation that makes sense to me. The 755HP C7 Corvette ZR1 holds the fastest track time of any production Corvette ever at the Nurburgring with a 7 minutes, 19.63 seconds lap. If the C8 'base' Stingray (rumored at 500 HP) laps the 'ring at 7 minutes, 18.19 seconds......well THAT would be a marketing nirvana time and the temptation to use the date that matches the time could be overwhelming.

So what if, the BASE C8 eclipses the ZR1 time!!??! The C6 400HP base model had performance stats that either passed or came close to the 505HP C5 Z06. The 460HP C7 Z-51 Stingray when introduced came close to the performance level of the 505HP C6 Z06. So IF this IS the 'ring time for the C8 Stingray, the handling improvement message is undeniable.
That makes as much since as anything else I heard since the announcement. Does anyone know where in orange county the debut to be.
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