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Originally Posted by Longtimer View Post
The problem with March Air Force Base is that it is in Riverside county with a wilderness mountain range between the base and OC. The fastest way to get there (assume one of the Beach Reveal locations) is about 1.5 - 2 hours drive on the twisty Ortega Highway going through the lower edge of the range. Taking freeway all the way up to the 91 freeway over to the 15 would travel some of the heaviest travelled freeways in So Cal and likely add another 30-40 minutes minimum to the Ortega time. Either way, getting Automotive journalists from likely debut locations out to March would result in a bunch of impatient, frustrated, tired and in a bad mood people about to write about the C8.

It IS possible that the debut will consist ONLY of a show and tell with NO driving for anyone on that day. This scenario might make the most sense give that OC IS THE reveal locale.
It might be Show and Tell Day only 07-18-2019.

Gotta find that book today at my house.
I remember all major magazine Journalists were there at March Air Force Base.

Could shuttle them at night in Rockstar Motohome Buses.
Would only take 2 or 3 of them to carry all to M.A.F..B.
Do it at night.
Little traffic.
Same way in Chicago.
You can run 150-200+ if you want to.
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