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As you can see from the interior pic above, the USMC Blimp hangars are huge and nearly empty inside - there is a row of admin offices along the bottom of one side of each hangar. So if a smoke and mirrors "great show" is on the agenda, I would think that there will have to be some significant assembly/construction taking place either now or in the near future.

Having had some personal experience with trade shows, I know that a lot of the stuff needed (all?) can already exist disassembled in shipping crates in a GM warehouse somewhere. But that stuff still must be removed from the crates and assembled. We've all been to car shows and have seen the slick platforms and turntables used at these events.

The Hangars are about 15 minutes from my house. I plan to take two or three trips over there between now and Debut day, looking for anything/any activity that might confirm the Hangars as the Debut location. I'll keep you posted.
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