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Lutz on HIS future for Corvette

Bob Lutz, former GM Chair and Head of market development, in an interview with Automotive News, gave his opinion on the future of Corvette; what he would do. Interesting and at times inconsistent, IMO, but here it is:

1. I donít think anyone is going to get out of a Porsche 911 and buy a mid-engine Corvette

2. The Corvette customer base is aging and younger buyers simply arenít replacing them. Corvette should make a no compromises performance SUV a bit larger than the Porsche Cayenne and sell in medium volumes for $100,000.

I've been a Lutz fan for a very long time, but anyone else see the inconsistency with his plan? Corvette needs to generate desire and salivation in younger hearts without abandoning the current demographic. IMO, a $100k SUV might be a decent contributor to a Corvette division bottom line, but does nothing to accomplish this. An entrance level AFFORDABLE Corvette model is a MUST to lure a younger market for Corvette. GM thinks THAT is the job of the Camaro.

IMO, Camaro loyalty, does not assure Corvette longevity. Take the Camaro chassis to the next level similar to the AMX did with the Javalin. However, in this case, starting with a superior front engine platform, cut seats, lower height, and weight adjust the suspension accordingly, add some Corvette styling ques and a price that is not cheap, but superior performance for less than a comparable Mustang or Challenger. Corvette needs to groom some younger pocketbooks because a lot of us here won't be buying Corvettes in 10-15 years.
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