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Originally Posted by The Torch View Post
I'm probably on the last Vette I'll ever buy but when I kick over someone will get a good deal. I don't think the under 40 crowd is abandoning the Vette entirely but since the introduction of the C5 (and some C4's) the cars are built better & stronger meaning they last a lot longer. This translates into a lot of used ones out there at affordable prices for those that might never buy a new one
Your obvious point is that the nature of used Corvettes is that there are plenty of pristine, low mileage, great performing, reasonably priced used examples available for younger guys to get into and get hooked.

You do make an excellent point. Hard to rebut, other than to say that we haven't seen as many coming into the Corvette life as we have seen departing it. Also, the idea is that GM should be capitalizing on the Corvette name and consumers should have the opportunity to enjoy The Corvette of other segments, but which ones? A $100k SUV, to me, is not the Corvette of SUVs regardless of how it performs if it starts at $100k. To me Corvette means Performance Value and that's just not a "value" price.
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