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Originally Posted by Night Stalker View Post
My bad,I thought I read thru all the posts before I threw that in.
No problem at all. Didn't mean to discourage you from making me aware of something I might have missed. But please do keep in mind that I am still adding new stuff daily because we keep getting more on the net.

Not much in the way of new GM info - they are staying tight lipped - but as we see more C8s being shown around the country and now "naked" on the streets, I'm adding pics to try to show what the colors look like outside. If you look at the two vids of the Elkhart Blue, one is inside the show room and the other outside at dusk and it almost looks like two different colors.

One other tid bit that is circulating but no verified at all, is a supposed leak that GM is seriously considering at least part of Bob Lutz Corvette SUV idea. Lutz suggested a $100k SUV which I think is un-corvette-like more for the price than for the fact that we're talking about an SUV. IMO GM should expand Corvette into at least a sub-division of Chevy with multiple Corvette models.

One benefit would be higher sales volumes would justify dedicated Corvette only mechanics for the Corvette models so that we don't some 18 year old 2nd day kid messing with our Vettes. The benefit to GM is obvious. SUVs have NOT watered down the Porsche 911 any more than the Boxster did. They made Porsche stronger and healthier and the same would be true for an expanded Corvette line, IMO.

There's a rendering that has been accompanying the publication of this rumor, but it is NOT GM's. It looks to me like a C8 fascia grafted onto a cad XT5 with a lower slanting hood - that I cannot imagine would be possible.

Value of the rumor? Unknown, but I will say that this same rumor popped up back when the C6 and again when the C7 were introduced. So there is a good chance that this is just idle speculation. On the other hand, the number of GM sedan/coupe sales have been on a steady decline while SUV sales keep increasing, so a Vette SUV is not as risky as in the past. FWIW
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