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Back on task, right now I need to correct my ram air setup. There were some subtle changes made over the C5's life. the 2001-2004 cars used a larger diameter mass air flow sensor. I upgraded to this sensor but because my vararam ram air kit is for 1997-2000 I had to dump the vararam air bridge or 'powerduct' and run a factory part from 2001-2004. Here is what that looked like..

So now that I have been to the track a fistful of times and made a bunch of passes each time I am ready to start chasing power with my C5. First up I must correct this intake setup. I ordered the 2001-2004 C5 powerduct from vararam and it came in. But while I am installing it I need to make a careful modification to the 2001-2004 MAF I am running in my C5.

While I was at the dragstrip this last time as I was getting ready to race I jumped out of my car and raised my hood and removed my engine's air filter. My racing buddy was laughing at me while giving me a thumbs up. And my times were identical and I do mean Identical to what they were before. Absolutely no change. And I want to show you guys why that is. This MAF right here was designed around a 5.7L engine making 350hp at the flywheel:

Yes that screen has caught some debris and to the untrained eye that might seem to be a good thing but I am here to tell you that there is no metallic items caught up in that screen, All of it would have passed right through the big > 2" valves and all of it is only an ever worsening restriction that limits how much air can make it to the engine. So I removed the screen altogether..

And with the right powerduct the MAF is also installed closer to the engine. This most definitely requires tuning and I am doing that on the streets tonight. Here I am all setup with the de-screened MAF and the correct 01-04 powerduct installed..

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