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Originally Posted by boeingman View Post
Maybe we ought to get a pole going on how many sensors have failed due to batt exhaustion and how old were they .

Also, question for xtanker: Your coment is a little vauge. You say you would change "them". What is "them", the batt's or the sensors? Are the batts replaceble without replacing the entire sensor ?

Thanks in advance .
In order to help others out, I found the answer to my own question as to wether the batts on the sensors are replacable. As per the 2002 GM Corvette maintanace manual the batts in the sensors are not servacible and the entire unit must be replaced. Now I don't know about earlier model sensors but at least the 2002 and later models are not servicable.

Oh and to the original poster, a big your welcome from me also.
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