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Originally Posted by Super_jim View Post
It may sound “Mickey-mouse” but I know it works.

Buy a bottle of window defroster repair. Like when the rear window defroster wire gets broke. Your just paint it on. No shit, the thicker you paint it on the more current it will carry. If you fuck up, nail polish remover will clean it off and you can try again.
This might work well if the area does not flex during install (cracking conductive paint).
If using this, I would suggest taking a thin piece of copper wire
and embedding it between coats of the (usually nickel based) paint.
Radio Shack (I believe) carries conductive paint.

I would suggest another material, but not as readily available to consumers.
We sometimes use a silver impregnated epoxy to electrically glue down
integrated circuits and heat sinks. If the conductive paint doesn't work out,
let me know ... I will try and find a small tube of epoxy that I can send.

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