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Originally Posted by Maniacmechanic1 View Post
It's a full day or 2 on a LS C5 Corvette working clean sanitary.
So the next time you find yourself cam swapping a C5 or C6 and you want to come out looking good you will remove the radiator/fan/condenser stack, water pump, steering rack, balancer, timing cover, and valve covers, and rocker arms. Then with 16 pen style extending magnets one down each pushrod hole you will hold the lifters up. Just bend the pocket clip on each magnet out and it will keep the magnet from dropping down the pushrod hole. And the cam swap can happen start to finish in a handful of hours. Before lunch if you have done it a few times and you're trying to make money.

And I will usually check that clearance with a dial indicator. Here is a correct procedure for doing that from Diamond Pistons:

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