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Originally Posted by autowiz View Post
So the next time you find yourself cam swapping a C5 or C6 and you want to come out looking good you will remove the radiator/fan/condenser stack, water pump, steering rack, balancer, timing cover, and valve covers, and rocker arms. Then with 16 pen style extending magnets one down each pushrod hole you will hold the lifters up. Just bend the pocket clip on each magnet out and it will keep the magnet from dropping down the pushrod hole. And the cam swap can happen start to finish in a handful of hours. Before lunch if you have done it a few times and you're trying to make money.

And I will usually check that clearance with a dial indicator. Here is a correct procedure for doing that from Diamond Pistons:
No Need for 16 pen style magnets like Hardcore told you almost 6 here years ago now.
I took his Tip and used it a few times.
You take a Wood Dowel Rod 3/8 " inch diameter about 28 inches long cut 2 of them.
Insert to each oil lifter gallery from the Front.
Push the wood dowels in Walla !
Lifters held off the Cam Lobes.
Pull the LS Cam out.

I like The Isky PTVOC Checks better.
It's Super accurate.
More accurate than the Diamond piston way.
The Cam Godfather Ed Iskenderien wrote the article himself back in the year 1965.

Had 1 hr.
No time to install checker valvesprings.
Clay method PTVOC Check I was done in 20 minutes.

The picture of of me on Brandon's website building the 6.0 It's that day.
Pan front cover rear cover and intake and PTVOC Checks done all in 1 hour by me.

He shut the Fuck Brandon that day at least.
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