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Years back I had something worked on with my car. The kid who was doing the work looked like a real goober, but I felt bad for passing judgement upon him. I had not driven the car long when I knew it was not right. I pulled over and three of the lug nuts were missing and the others were not tight. Yikes. I was standing beside the car and the kid pulled up behind me yelling "stop!" Well, duh... I am standing beside the car. He goes on to inform me the lug nuts ain't tight. Double duh. He did tell me they would get me some new ones for free! Okay. After three consecutive "duh" moments I realized that sometimes people look like goobers because they are, in fact, goobers.
Back to corvette stuff. I sent a photo to the guy who did the work on the front end and he said that it was not right and to bring it over and he would fix it. That is what I wanted to hear from him and that's cool. In the meantime I went to Midwest frame and axle here in town. They have a very solid reputation, and have always treated me well. I stopped over and they said they would fix it up for 45 bucks. By the time I drove clear back to the first place again, I would have burned up 20 bucks in gas so I just figured spend the money and be done with it.
I took the car over there today and all the specs were right on, just a funky ass shim job going on. They fixed it up and when I checked out they said "how about 20 bucks"
Hell yea!
I am not sure what the first guy was doing, but I have no hard feelings toward him since he did not try to bs his way out of it and offerd to make it right, so it's all good.
Meanwhile I was about done with the radiator cover when I saw patro's thread and realized I should have extended the bracket to hold the top of the fans too, which changes everything about the cover. So I slapped done on it and put it on for now. The finish is not as good as I would like, but it will work until I hack it up and start over. I had planned on having a couple of nice bolts holding it on, but it snaps in place and is very solid without it.

The left side of the cover is catching a weird reflection, but does not really look that gorfed up.

There are a few local shows coming up over the next couple of weekends and I hope to hit a couple of them. The driving season is winding down quickly here in Iowa. Remaking the radiator bracket/ fan bracket and the cover will go on the ever growing "wait for winter" list.
I should probably go drive around now or something.

Edit: forgot to mention that it is my vettes birthday. It was born on 9/11. Where's the cake?

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