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The first time I saw the C7 in pictures I hated the back end and I vowed to keep my C6. But then I saw the C7 in person and I was blown away at how good it looked. I finally bought a 2017 coupe and the car has exceeded all my expectations, it's a phenomenally good car in every conceivable aspect. So if this picture is legitimate I don't really care for the rear view, but I'm willing to reserve judgment until I see the whole car in person.

I'm very excited about the C8, I was blown away at the introduction of the C4, C5, and C6 and I bought into the hype each time because Corvette. The prospect of driving a domestic mid-engine sports car is compelling enough to lure me away from my beloved C7, but I honestly don't see how the Corvette can be better than it already is. My one big worry is storage space; I can go to Costco in my C7, will the C8 be just as practical? If there is a removable roof panel, where is the storage for it? Where are they fitting all the stuff that normally goes under the hood like the radiator, condenser, accumulator, battery? Where are they putting the gas tank(s)? All this stuff takes up space, it will be interesting to see how they rearrange everything.
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