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we have a long tradition of not negotiating with terrorists. the president of iran was, is, and always will be- a terrorist. He was involved and participated in the embassy take over in iran that had us citizens held hostage by iranians for over a year. he was 1 of them. we do not negotiate with terrorists.

russia was a completely different animal. it had a centeralized power base, and little was done that the polit buero did not approve. the islamic fanatics have no such centeralized power. there are many differences, but i dont feel like typing them at the moment, as I have to go get ready to meet and greet more grateful and supportive iraqi citizens.

as for not finding any wmd, did you know that saddam burried an entire AIRFIELD so that he would have an airforce when he returned to power. a us soldier found it by tripping over part of an aircraft. what is to say that a lot of the wmd has and is still burried, considering there are tons of it that the un cannot account for.
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