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Originally Posted by Junkman2008 View Post
How long has it been since Ohio State did anything in basketball worth talking about? You all were just a stepping stone on Louisville way to the tourney! That's why you don't care about anything else!

Are you a Michigan, Michigan State or Indiana fan??? I can't believe that an Ohio State fan would even type the words "Michigan!" What kind of fan are you that you would vouch for Michigan???

As for those teams minus Indiana, I think we dusted them off on our way to our third title!


I hesitate in posting this as it may seem a bit over the top for you.

Because of my sports oriented business, the sports oriented charities that I am on the executive boards of, and my college buddies, I have friends that are or have been, head coaches or coordinators for multiple college teams. I know and am friends with several NFL owners and coaches, past NFL players, MLB players, NBA players, NBA owners, NHL hall of famers, NFL hall of famers, Olympians, race car drivers, etc.

(You will NEVER see me post a selfie with any of them, I like and protect my privacy and intend to keep it that way.)

Therefore I have allegiances to MANY teams as I have friends on staff and it is hard to root against them if you will.

Some of my college football favorites go way back and have not been in the national picture for years, like Nebraska.
Do you see me posting all sorts of crap from 90's when they were national champs? No. I still root for them however.

I am an Alabama fan too. Why?? Because they are a class act organization that donated all sorts of memorabilia to our charity, and will continue to do so. I have been to Birmingham and they treated us first class. I still have an autographed football.

Surprisingly nobody I know was ever associated with Louisville. Plus, you are so much fun to spar with over your steadfast allegiance to Louisville.

So no, I am not an "Ohio State" fan as you put it, but they are one of many teams that I follow.

I know this is hard for you comprehend as you think you have to declare ONE team/school and live or die with it.

Good luck with that.
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