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Originally Posted by 1963SS View Post
Hey Brian, I hope you know how silly you sound. While you're up there in that crime ridden hole of a city changing stinky assed diesel filters Wiz is in sunny Florida living the dream building custom Vettes and others. He's building some really great looking and running cars. You don't have any idea what he does on an engine build but you seem to want to cut him down for no reason........other than to boost your own ego.

If you worked as hard at your job as you do at running people down you'd be the top fabricator in the country. But, no, you're doing menial jobs at a garage. You're a mechanic. Nothing more. Learn to live with that and quit bashing people that are happy with their jobs. You're broke and we all get that but money isn't everything. Learn to be tolerant of other people and their pleasures.

Jeesh, it ain't hard, just shut up once in a while and let Wiz and others post their pics without degrading them or their work. Most of us on here like to see pretty stuff and Wiz is giving us that.
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