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Originally Posted by sfallison View Post
73VetteGirl and her hubbie were having some marital problems.. So, Hubbie decided to try a little role playing.

Tonight were going to play Fireman! 73VetteGirl got all excited and said Sure!

When I get home, I'll open the door and yell "1st Alarm"! That's your queue to run up the stairs. When I reach the staris, I'l yell "2nd Alarm"! That's your queue to run into the bedroom and get naked. When I reach the bedroom, I'll yell "3rd Alarm"! That when you jump into bed and get ready for some hot sex!

That night, 73VetteGirl's hubbie gets home, and opens the door.. "1st Alarm"!
he reaches the stairs and yells "2nd Alarm"! He climbs the stairs, gets to the bedroom and yells "3rd Alarm"! He rips his clothes off, and jumps into bed and starts making hot love.. 73VetteGirl starts yelling out.. "4th Alarm"! "4th Alarm" !! Hubbie stops, and looking puzzled... says "What the hell is a "4th Alarm?

73VetteGirl smiles and says.. "MORE HOSE" !!!
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