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Originally Posted by Caged_Bird View Post
We aren't in Iraq because of 9/11. The reason I said that is because the liberal machine said that we Americans are terrorists for freeing the people of Iraq.

Basically, Bush wanted a reason to go into Iraq, I don't know why the Bush family has a problem with Iraq but hopefully, now that Saddam was hanged, it's over and that's behind us.

Personally, I never agreed with us going into Iraq, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, but we went there, and we started something, it is our responsibility and our duty to finish it. We don't want to just pull out and let Iraq become another post-WWI Germany because we all know how that turned out.

I never thought I'd see the day when my wonderful country would be called "terrorist" by one of it's own citizens. It only proves to me that my theory is correct, which is that you should have to EARN your citizenship by serving at least two years in our nations military, but then that would be taking away the freedom of choice which is what made this country so great to begin with.
This is probobly the most rediculas post I have ever read. Caged bird seems to be on the verge of a break down.

I never said we were terrorists...I asked if Grumpyvette was saying that we were.

But now you say "Basically, Bush wanted a reason to go into Iraq, I don't know why the Bush family has a problem with Iraq but hopefully, now that Saddam was hanged, it's over and that's behind us."

I have to your mind does invading a country just because one of our families has a problem with that country, sound like the USA that we and the world has loved for centuries? Bush has done great harm to the standing of our country in the eyes of the rest of the world. He is a war criminal, by the standards that you just gave. No different than the terrorists that we condemn, no different than any other dictator that has invaded any other soveriegn country for personal gain.

While we are on the topic of the word terrorist...which you find so horrible that the mear implication of the US being labeled one sends you over the may want to keep in mind that this tactic of war (yes it is a tactic of war) has been used by many countries in the past. In our revolutionary war, we used tactics that were completely against the rules of war at the time, and would have been equaly as appauling then as we find terrorism today. We targeted officers (unheard of at the time). We hid and ambushed the enemy (far from the proper way of meeting on the battlefield face to face). We planted bombs on british ships. We shot and hung loyalist supporters.
In modern times we dropped two atomic bombs...the only country to ever do so...on mostly civilian populations. We had to do this, it saved millions of lives, but was non the less horrible.

War sucks, and if you want it conducted by rules then you better find another occupation. I for one would blow up the women and children of any nation who occupied my country and killed my wife and children. If all I could do was strap on a bomb and hug the nearest guy in that know I would to avenge my family and end the suffering of missing them. If I had lost my wife and children on 911...there would be a large hole in the ground somewhere were Osama Bin Laden had been standing or I would have been shot dead trying.

Rules of war are set by the last victors of war to keep them the victors...unfortunatly history has shown time and time again that those rules are constantly rewritten by the people who come under the thumb of those victors.
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