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Ya I know what you mean I tryed the oil cooler route last time I did not like it after all if you wanted to get all the oil out of it you had to remove the hoses and blow them out that was 3 Qt's a big mess every time.

A big pan I still haave my 8 Qt's I can run a high volume pump and not suck the pan dry doing so.

I heard pro's and cons about high pressure pumps for a street car DD.

More oil cooler it can run ect keeping the motor well lube and cool makes motor last.

Originally Posted by grumpyvette View Post
some guys don,t think having a high capacity baffled oil pan is (SEXY) and they don,t think its worth bragging rights, but its a huge step in the correct direction (TOWARD DURABILITY)

theres not much thats (SEXY) about an engine thats not running!
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