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Originally Posted by Tomcat View Post
Not sure I 100% buy that "selling like hot cakes", so they increased the price story. GM jacked the prices on the new pickups because they weren't selling. The idea was to give discounts as an incentive to purchase. Not sure if it worked, but I looked twice at the recent $5K factory incentives.

Not to knock the new Vette. It rocks. But, there is a limited market for this type car and Chevy buyers demand discounts.

The seventh-generation Corvette Stingray has been a sales success for Chevrolet. Chevy sold 2,438 Corvettes last month. This represents an increase of nearly 149 percent over February 2013, when 980 sixth-generation Corvettes were sold.

The higher demand is the main factor that caused the Corvette's price increase. Autoblog spoke with Monte Doran, a GM communications manager for the Corvette and Camaro, who said, "The reason for the increase is simply that customer demand for the Stingray, and especially the Z51 package, have exceeded our initial expectations." The publication reports that the higher pricing applied as of March 1, but says that those who have already ordered their Corvette are not subject to the price changes.
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