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Originally Posted by Maniacmechanic1 View Post
Mickey Thompson was one of the greatest mechanics of all time most do not know that.
That's a hard thing to say for someone who died on the other side of the information age. Did you know that the Graphics Processing Unit(GPU) was invented in 1999? The good CAD design software really needs powerful GPU's to drive the 3d virtual world in which they operate. If anybody from before were to come back to life today they would think we have super powers with our ability to immediately access any information we need or connect to anybody right there in our pocket. To order and pay for something in just a quick moment in the same fashion.

And the undeniable truth that you need to come up in our time to learn the right procedures of the day and to be fluent with the tools of the day to be able to be good in that day. Right? Mickey Thompson would not be able to cut it as a mechanic today.

Could you imagine? He would have to learn how to use a scantool. Do you understand how profound of a statement that is to make about a mechanic? He was one of the greatest, sure. But of all time, not by a long shot. Kid. Because times and tools change.

Or better, How about having a discussion with Mickey Thompson about a 5 axis VE table. He'd look back at you like you were stupid. Because there were no variable cams driven by a PWM circuit controlling oil pressure. There were no electronic lifters for displacement on demand in his time. And there was no 4 digit fuel pressure in his days. But we have it in every current corvette made. And every tech working on it has a general knowledge of it that can be fine honed on a whim by reaching in their pocket.

We are the greatest Mechanics of all time. The mechanics today that are good at working on today's cars. Because by reaching in our pocket we can work on anything from before. The best mechanic from before can only reach in their pocket for a bag of nuts.
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