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"You're either good, or you're dead." - Guldstrand

"In 1965, at the close of the season, Zora called again, asking what Guldstrand was driving for 1966. Dick said another Corvette. "No, no," replied Duntov, "I want you to meet Roger Penske." Guldstrand was hired as Penske's first driver to pilot a car at the Daytona 24-hour race. On the track in Florida, the L-88 427-cubic-inch Vette showed its stuff. "We put it up on the banking, and that mutha hauled ass. We're running 190 mph in the banking in this stupid Corvette with these little skinny tires..."

During the race, co-driver George Wintersteen hit a Morgan Plus 4 on the banking, ripping off the lower front fiberglass fascia. The solution? Flashlights were taped to the fenders, and Penske told Guldstrand to get behind the wheel. "But I'm going to die, Mr. Penske." "That's all right, Guldstrand, get out there!" Goldie couldn't see the track, but he latched onto a pair of taillights and hung on. "I noticed I was turning 200-300 rpm faster than I'd ever turned; it was a prototype Ferrari that I was chasing. I set an all-time record for GT cars at three in the morning." The Vette won the GT class, finishing ninth overall."

Read the whole thing here, it's awesome. --> Motor Trend story
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