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Originally Posted by REDHTC6GIRL View Post
It's no fun watching your animals get sicker and sicker. My cat Benny (he was only 11) had Lymphoma. His pee was crystalizing because his Kidneys were shutting down and he wouldn't eat anything. We finally had to have him put down, he was so bad. Bless his heart, I miss him still every day.

My dog Maggie will probably be next. Everytime I call her I have to go poke her and make sure she's still breathing. Then she hopes up and acts o.k. Ya just never know.
I've always had cats, since i was young.I love dogs, but I can HEAR cats.Sadie fell asleep in my arms as soon as we brought her home, when we lived in Colorado.We have been bonded ever since..Tears now.. Sorry..
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