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Headlamps and Pressure washer system.

ECE Regulation 48 requires that headlamps be kept free of debris in order to not blind on-coming traffic from unwanted glare. This is mandatory for any low beam that is beyond 2000 lumen - this includes HID and some high power halogen units.

In the USA headlamps cleaning systems is permitted but not mandatory - so if you are ordering your Corvette, you may be able to ask for them: they are to my knowledge installed under the CE4 RPO.

There are two possible mechanisms to clean the headlamps:
  1. A small motor-driven wiper blade - e.g Volvo S40.
  2. A high-pressure sprayer - e.g Corvette.

The headlamp washer system in the Corvette is composed of the following main parts:

  1. Headlamp washer high pressure nozzle for each headlamp
  2. Covers to hide the nozzles when not in use.
  3. Pipes for the pressurized water
  4. More pipes for the pressurized water
  5. Reservoir for European edition (not acquired, fixed the existing one)
  6. High pressure water pump

The headlamp washer system requires a dedicated wiring harness (the one from the famous CE4 RPO). This harness is not easy to get and requires patience - from order to delivery - I might add this is the case for any European compliant harness/part.

I specifically ordered the CE4 harness that had the European connectors for the Headlamps. The reason is that the EURO projected beam is different from the US projected beam - as such it is necessary to replace the Headlamps.

For reasons I do not understand the connectors for the European Headlamps are not compatible with the US headlamps, it is therefore necessary to replace the wiring harness. In my mind this kills cost reduction initiatives through scale ... and it also made my life harder because removing the cable is not an easy task.

Here is a photo of the parts received (note duplicate parts not on photo)

As you can see, some painting will be necessary, the headlamp covers are plastic black (lower left of photo)

So I ordered the GM touch up paint (three cans) and did some "touching up"

Note: ECE regulations also require self leveling HID optical blocks so as to not blind oncoming traffic due to loads that change the dynamic of the vehicle. Particularly when the trunk is loaded, the front of the car goes up. I have encountered many people who state that the Corvette will fail and get rejected because the Corvette does not have self levelling headlamps and is therefore none compliant.
This statement is incorrect: the Corvette is compliant and is sold in Europe without self levelling headlamps.

The reason being one of the following:
  • Suspension is so stiff any variation is within specifications (Z51 and Z06)
  • Magnetic Selective Ride controls the height of the vehicle.

As such, in Europe, the only Corvettes sold are the Z51, Z06, selective magnetic ride or the Grand Sport.

The specifications do not state the lamps have to be self levelling, the regulations state that the variation of the projected beam must be within a certain zone.
It is perfectly compliant if the car stabilizes it self via a dynamic suspension mechanism or if the suspension is so stiff there is no variation.

Looking at the hardware closer:

The pressure washer nozzle with the cover (requires painting) and the high pressure pump (which is significantly larger than the windshield pump)

Pressurized water hose

Mounted it looks like this

Here is a picture of the harness and all the EURO components attached to it:

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