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Replacing the headlamps - part 2

Step 3: Installing the headlamps

After having installed the new harness and connected the existing components, such as the SIR sensor, the first thing to do is install the new headlamps. This is an easy and straightforward process if you have adequately marked the position of the previous headlamps:

Contrarily to the US version, the Euro headlamp high and low beam need to correctly set. This is done via turning the screws on the inner side of the headlamps (the side facing the engine).

These screws make the projected beam go up or down but not side ways. The side way converge or divergence of the beam requires loosening the bolts that hold the headlamps.

In my case as I not noted the position of the beams and the bolts on the car, it was an easy process.

Step 4: Installing the repeater turn signals

The next thing to do is install the side turn signals, and this will require some drilling in the side wings.

I put some masking tape to protect the paint and reduce chipping. The tape also helped me mark the layout of the lamps. I based myself on a photo of Euro vette to position the lamps, as shown on the picture hereafter:

The dimensions/positions are marked in mm and not inches, sorry -

Once the hole drilled, I glued the side lamp turn signal support, not the lamp per say, just the white plastic support. I also put in some silicone to make it water proof. Don't know yet if it is a good or bad idea, but it's done.

Now it's time to put back the side wing onto the car and connect the electrical harness.

The two photos show the side repeater turn signal lamp off and on, as you can see it is not very visible:

My personal impression is that it is truly beneficial at night, I have doubts of the practicality of such a small lamp in the daytime.

Et voila, the front part of the lighting is done. Of course, it is necessary to have the beams of the headlamps adjusted before claiming victory!
The front part of the Corvette will be finished from a mechanical pespective once the headlamp pressure washer has been installed.

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