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Originally Posted by frans96ss View Post
. . .We spoke to the shop that changed the oil and stated what we found when we drained the old oil. There was noticeable signs of bearing material in the oil and it was our opinion that lack of oil and/or oil pressure was the likely cause. We removed the complete engine out of the vehicle and the only thing that was swapped over was the oil pan. After re-installing the engine, we flashed the ECU back to stock. At this time, the remote would not recognize the ignition. After purchasing two remotes and trying to sync both, the vehicle would still not start. We paid to have the vehicle towed to and from to the GM dealership and paid to have the 3 remotes synced the vehicle. They determined there was an issue with the BCM control module and had to erase everything in order to re-sync the remotes to the PIM control module. We paid for the all of the dealership repairs. . .
By reading this I understood that the security system would not allow the car to even turn over after the engine swap. They had to take the car to a dealership to put this back to factory spec because his ECU would not accept the new (used) engine without supercharger. When they did this the dealership also discovered that the BCM module was also affected needing to be erased for the engine to be turned over. Some of the wiring was exposed, but not the melted wires. It appears the dealership did the initial troubleshooting because the car was so heavily modified that the PIM control wouldn't allow the ignition to even work.

Was some of the jerry-rigging exposed at this point? Obviously yes. The supercharger was off, so they could see some of the bad connections. Fuse box and wiring harness maybe not. I don't know. They couldn't even get codes or accurate codes at this point if the ECU and BCM were modded and needed to go back to original spec could they? If PIM was locked and security was enabled, what access would there be?
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