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Fuel Pump Whine

I recently took a long trip (about 1500 miles) where my 2000 convertible, 57k, ran extremely well.

Upon returning home, I filled up about 200 miles away (Marathon gasoline in Greenville, OH) and a few miles later, the Check Engine light came on. I had no drivability issues but checked the codes when I got home (P0172, and P0175).

During the week long trip I noticed on occasion a loud whining sound coming from the fuel tank area while driving. Sometimes I would start the car and it would be there, the next time I couldn't hear it.

Before the trip I swapped out the fuel filter for the stock ACDelcoGF822 and drove it for about a week with no issues.

I cleaned the MAF sensor and decided to check the fuel rail pressure just in case it was a fuel pump failing.

With the ignition on, fuel pressure is 28psi and slowly falls.

When I start the engine, pressure goes to 60psi, but a few seconds later, the fuel pump started making noise and I saw the pressure rise to over 120psi.

I killed the engine, thinking that pressure is waaaay too high and might damage something.

I would appreciate any direction you can give.


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