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C3 Tech Info


The Official C3 LSx Swap Thread

Crossfire Tech (How-to)

Rear Main Seal Replacement

Timing Information by Lars

General Carb Tuning Info

Holley Tuning How-To by Lars

Qjet Tuning Info by Lars

Tools for Tuning

Reading Spark Plugs

Myths about High Volume Oil Pumps

Taurus Electric Fan Conversion

Focus Electric Fan Conversion <<NEW!

Drive line / Transmission

Pinion Brg Sleeves

THM 400 Rebuild

1/2 Shaft U-Joint Install

63-82 Rear Trailing Arm Rebuilding

Muncie Rebuild Pictures

Rear Diff/Posi

Differential Inspection

Stinger12's 63-79 Diff Rebuild Paper

63-79 Pinion Seal Replacement

63-79 Differential Yoke Inspection

Posi Tuning

Differential Rebuilding, '63-'79 Iron Units

Fitting a Differential Steel Brg Cap

12 bolt Differential build

Pinion bearing Sleeves

super 10 bolt Differential


1963-1982 Steering Box Rebuild

Home-made Rack & Pinion [PICS] - vette427-sbc

Another home made Rack and Pinion - Riggs 74


Rotor Replacement and Dial-In


1980 Corvette Wheel Spacer "How-To"

C3 Control Arm Removal How-To

Control Arm Bushing Install - Poly

Crash Manuals

C3 Frame Specs




Seat covering howto


Body Mount Replacement How To

C3 Corvette Wiring Diagrams

DIY:Headlight and Tail Light LED Halos <<NEW!

Headlamp and Taillight Upgrades, Relays, Electric Motors, and LEDs <<NEW!

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