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more progress pics

Of course it's supposed to be an LS/t56 swap, but it's all the other stuff along the way that has to be done that takes so long. And one thing about it, when you go this far into a vette you'll know all the right question to ask if you ever buy another one!

The dash panel for the gauge cluster had a broken screw tab. These panels are made of 40 year old hard plastic and are prone to break and crack. Here is my method of repair, I think MCU bonds better to this plastic than fiberglass resin and has a little more flex when fully cured.

Nothing there for the screw to attach to.

Bead blasted the plastic area and bonded cloth well into the panel for the repair to get strength.

Cured overnight

Buzzed to fit with air sander

There will be more of this, as whatever dash and console pieces aren't being replaced will certainly have cracks.
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