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Originally Posted by blueday View Post
I'd be having to modify the classic auto air or the vintage air system no matter which I went with. I never had the factory setup working so anything that blows cold air down here in the summer I'll be impressed.

Is the DER controller the factory looking one from caa that you have in your thread? It looks nice.

Did yours come with a fresh air block off plate? I'm curious if I can just shut the factory door or if I need to make block off plate for that too.

Beat ya to it! Already ordered some some f4 tape. Thanks. I was digging around on dc and found some posts on it with the braided loom. I can see my electrical tape stash won't be getting a lot of use.

Out stuff must have gotten shipped out about the same time. My new parts from classic auto are due Monday too.

I was gonna post a few more pictures but apparently photobucket is having some problems right now. Time to look for something else to use.

Here's a decent shot of their new DER controller. Big improvement over the clunky factory control. As I've stated before, the biggest peeve is Classic not adding a pushbutton on-off for the compressor. You have to slide the setting off dash a tad, then it kills the compressor. If there was room enough on the controller, I'd add my own switch. Don't get me wrong, I'm used to the operation now, but it could have been a little more intelligently thought out from the git go.

On the fresh air issue or "Astro Ventilation" as GM like to call it. I used the spring to hold the flap closed, then I sealed it and the surrounding area with some leftover Stinger Roadkill.

I received the new thermostat yesterday, and will implement the replacement into the same time to radio and gauges come out for a single DIN radio with a flip out screen, new amp install and carbon fiber treatment.

Does it ever end?

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