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I ended up with ordering a smaller from dirty dingo and put in pressure reducing spacers. For anyone looking at going the little cheaper route I listed the other pulleys I tried out from dorman. #300-301 (.66 hub, 5-5/16" od) and #300-126 (.66 hub, 5-3/4" od, similar to the smaller pulley holley offers). 300-301 had good clearance at the control arm but the hub offset was slightly different than the factory and wouldn't line up well w/out machining the hub or shims on everything else. The 300-126 was still slightly off and I wasn't comfortable with how close it was to the control arm. Also note on the 300-126 my ps pulley puller tool would not work on this one. It wouldn't fit under the notch on the hub so I had to get creative with pulling it. I've read these pulleys have worked for others so I'm not sure why my stuff was slightly off so I just went ahead and returned the dormans and ordered the dirty dingo. Hopefully this will help someone out in the future.

Dorman 300-126


Dirty Dingo

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