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I've owned and driven Corvettes since 1972. Don't listen to what a few elitist pricks have to say - they're just jealous that they either (A) Can't afford one of their own, or (B) Can't catch yours with their overpriced car.

Even since my new 1972 LT-1 roadster, up to and including my current C7 convertible, everyone - and I do mean EVERYONE - looks, stares, asks questions, gives you a thumbs-up, or otherwise acknowledges that you are driving something special, and that they wish they were you. If you need that sort of thing to feed your ego, rest assured you WILL get it - constantly. If, on the other hand, you bought the car for YOU, not them . . . you will enjoy every second behind the wheel, knowing that anything on the road that's faster costs a LOT more money, and even then it largely depends on the driver. So my advice is to go drive a C7, respect the car for its awesome capabilities, educate yourself on proper high-performance driving techniques (or better yet, attend a high-performance driving school), and ignore the haters. Be content in the knowledge that you own a Corvette.

It really is everyone's dream car for a reason.
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