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I like mine, the top goes down, it's pretty, but know it is not relevant .

If this were everyone's dream car, the question about popular perception wouldn't have come up, as it does again and again with this line. it is more playboy magazine than apple when it comes to popular perception,they just never had the management that cared about product or the consumer for a very long time. I personally think characterizing folks who wouldn't buy a Gm product on a bet as elitist pricks is perhaps a little strong. Companies grow and die, IBM used to be big.

As always, value is subjective. In an age where owning a car for a young person has a questionable value, having a wanna be race car where you buy performance that will kill you without advanced safety systems, as in a C7, doesn't make sense to a lot of people.

LEt me put it this way. I was down by the beach, top down on a nice summers day in my old 03, a presentable car, stock, but not ratty. On the corner was a movie star looking woman in a bikini. She scanned the car, took a beat, and just shook her head and said "no". Other joke responses want to trade me straight across for vehicles that cost much more, but don't look as nice. You figure it out , I will say most guys go by what chicks dig.

I think the average joe sees an american car, knows it is built with a big engine , and thinks gas guzzler, owner is a chump OR a wanna be racer, parading around all dressed up for a special imaginary justifying penis event that will never come , but going the same place as everyone else, at the same speed, more or less, but with a much higher overhead.

ONe can now buy much more versatile designs with cars that have more performance than the average driver can use, with four doors, more comfort, and less gas needed.

I even had a guy in a land rover wanting to street race me awhile back. Probably would have beat me, he had a supercharged big block, from the factory. I guess he wanted to get his $85,000 worth

Also, internal combustion is becoming obsolete technology. A collage student that has food delivered by a robot is going to buy electric , with a lot less moving parts and upkeep, if they buy a car at all.

When I go to areas with a lot of new cars, you see a flock of teslas for every new corvette. Not many corvettes around , people want a luxury experience once you start spending that kind of money on cars.

Vettes have a wild and crazy guy image , tries too hard to be cool, has no clue. I see the usual old guys behind the wheel, but the price is so high , the young guys I see are going imports and just spending a bit more

The two young guys I have seen driving a C7 were muscle heads, big biceps and tribal tattoos. Big smiles. Saw one heels and hose woman driving one, middle age.

Chevy is trying to move the car up market, and it certainly is pricey, but they don't have the dealers or the status of other brands that have been upmarket world wide for decades , or can learn, like lexus and other brands , where the dealer won't try to slap you around like some rube from the 1950s.
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