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Originally Posted by Masaladosa View Post
It is just kinda depressing to see the Corvette score well in many reviews and beat the pants off of many other cars. With the only response being from competitor fans but its a Corvette, I wouldn't get one.
I know people say don't care what other people think but no one spends 65k on a car and not care somewhat about prestige. This lack of prestige has real world effects on the value. You can get used base models in the upper 30's now.
I have a loaded 2017 ZO6 3 LT, 7 speed manual, big brakes, etc.
I did not buy it to impress anybody or for prestige, I bought to drive!
When I went out to Nevada for 2 days at the Ron Fellows Corvette Performance Driving School and I got to drive a car exactly like mine on the track I was impressed. Those people who say they would not get one probably can't afford one. Every time I get behind the wheel I get big smile on my face even though I can only use about 50 percent of what the car can do on the street.
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