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The Rescue yesterday!For dog lovers.

Ok,First off this is a rough story (graphic) but true and has a good ending so hang with me.Some friends of my family had got a new dog a few weeks back.(Mastiff/Rott mix)Its still a big puppy at 80lbs and five months.Well to shorten the story the dog had let itself out of the house night before last somehow and the kids were up till 4am looking for it. No luck! We live in a pretty small town surrounded by farmland/woods.Flyers were put up at the stores and stations in town and still no calls. While at the gas station my some over heard some talking about a hurt dog on the train track trussle just a block away. sure enough it was him..My son called me and told me where he was and that he was in bad shape.We just went into rescue mode grabbed blankets and ran to the was raining pretty hard and the bridge was about 3 blocks away.As we approched the bridge we did not see any one untill we looked up. There looking down beween the railing of the trussel was a sad saggy wet face looking down at us. His head was swollen and split open, one eye swollen closed,and probably the most pathetic frightened thing I have ever seen.My two sons approched from one side and I was climbing from the other. The kids contacted their friend and told him we found his dog and to bring a blanket and the car.His house was only about 1/2 block from where we were at and he was there in a flash.The dog was skittish and when we got to him he was pretty much in shock. his tail was cut off and barely hangin on. His back leg was possibly broken and foot was smashed toes dangeling.He let us wrap a blacket around him and finally we was able to carry him off the bridge and lay him down on another blanket. We were all soaked but we got him wrapped and on his way to getting warm.We was able to now load him with the blaket into the car.We contacted the local vet that my wife used to work for and got him to meet them at the clinic.

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