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Please open the video below, make full screen on your monitor, and stop it at 51 seconds. Notice a round sticker - black outline and white in the middle. That white is a profile of Zora Duntov. There is a matching sticker on the other outside mirror and one more on each door about where you would put your thumb when you reach for the pad to open the door at the top of the scoop on the door.

Also, stop the vid at 55 seconds. Obviously, the myriad of led lights are there for this promotional vid only to show Tadge and Mary. However, notice that there is something at the center of the roof above the inside rear view mirror. I KNOW I must be wrong but man does that ever look like the t-top bar on my C-3. Maybe it's just a battery pack stuck there for the LEDs, but . interesting.

Also visible at 55 seconds is the white dot on the door that is actually Zora's profile sticker.

Perhaps the best view of one of the small stickers is at 1:18. Even there it looks more like a skull, but it really IS Zora. If you can download a high res pic and zoom in on it you will see it. IMO these stickers are a nice touch but FAR too subtle considering the respect that is owed to Zora. Hope we see a top performance model named Zora. THAT would be appropriate IMHO.

Video Link:

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