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Originally Posted by autowiz View Post
I think we are exaggerating that just a bit. I have a 15-20 minute ride to work. It can take a bit longer when traffic is real bad. But on Saturday and on my lunchbreak I can get to or from in about 10. It is an enjoyable ride with my quiet exhaust, cold a/c, and the morning news on the 10.1" android head unit.
It's your only personal car to get around.
Certain criteria has to be met by You.
So compromises made to meet the goal.
Now you have the drag racing Bug.
It's dominated the online Facebook groups Motorsports world. You know how big it is.

Just like drag racing fast compromises are made.
Creature comforts go.
My only criteria I must have comfy Uhpohlstered racing seats.

Creature comforts can stay.
Need a Huge Hp Shot.
You choose how much to spray in.
It all fits under a stock Corvette hood.
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